Sunday, 30 December 2012

FIP makes you paranoid

"It is also useful to have the client remember a time when the cat was healthiest, and write down the cat’s 3 favourite activities. Then the cat cannot accomplish two of those activities, quality of life is compromised and euthanasia should be considered (Wright & Rogers, 2010)." ~ Dr Dianne  Addie wet FIP – case study 

eating - tick, sleeping on anything black and getting white fur all over it - tick, going outside and hunting (badly) - tick 

It's a few days after christmas. I was absolutely dreading having to be cheerful while surrounded by people who think "it's just a cat"  For a while I even had an awful idea playing in my head that I might be asked to euthanase the cat because it would be more convenient than having an awkward drama at Christmas. (yup FIP makes you paranoid) What would the cat hating grandfather make of my devotion to furball's care over cooking xmas dinner? Would there be A SCENE ... well guess who donated a massive cash injection to Mishka's fighting fund - one of only five people to do so.

The Christmas drama did indeed happen. On christmas eve she got some nasty reaction to the injection of sedative  - didn't wake up on schedule and then developed a nasty looking haemorhagic rash at the site ( we thought at first she was going to go into a hemorhagic crisis ) Turned out to just be she had scratched and licked the itchy spot to death. 

So we got to road test plantain herbal poultice - just mush ribwort plantain leaves up and bandage over the sore spot. Worked quite well - also on my itchy toe (bit by a jack jumper that morning) but she was still worrying the spot over the next few days and in danger of tearing out a lot of fur so we tried swaddling with a "Thunder shirt" (bad idea although it stopped her licking it really should have been introduced very very gradually. Wearing a weird t shirt made her anxious - more licking and scratching when she had it removed but this settled quickly.)

Not quite the christmas day we had hoped for Mishka but she's partying on.

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