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Food does not come in a pyramid for Mishka, just - Noms or Antinoms. (nom = sound cat makes head down in plate of  yummy food "nom nom nom") Strangely curcumin extract. ground eggshell, the appallingly black fulvic minerals, and Dr Wheatgrass extract which all cause my human child to gag are acceptable cat condiments.

Noms - fish, roast chicken, roast lamb, mashed pumpkin, Kraft cheeseslices,whey powder, raw egg yolk, grass and wheatgrass even though this sometimes makes her gag or even throw up (the kitty equivalent of alcohol? so nom i don't care about hangovers?)
Antinoms -raw meat, beef, ascorbic acid, spirulina, glandular, Hills a/d, chicken liver, beef liver, liver powder, liver flavouring, did i mention liver?

Tish's list is of course the complete reverse - except for spirulina - evil green pond sludge which no one except me thinks is acceptable. Mishka will reject the entire plate of food if it contains a particle of antinoms the size of a nailhead.

So of course a raw diet is just what the doctors Addie (FIP research), Lipkin (virus hunter) Kremer (HIV expert below) ordered for our purebred princess. Ziwipeak (airdried meat - fits into the definition of a raw diet as it avoids high/low temp processing ) and raw eggyolk are the closest she gets to a primal diet.

The experts mention L carnitine which is the one amino acid I thought a carnivore would have trouble being deficient in. Turns out we can cook the nutrition out of anything; 

" dog and cat foods are extremely low in free L- Carnitine levels as compared with that found in raw ground beef. Most pets are maintained strictly on commercial pet food diets and are thus kept chronically deficient in L- Carnitine. " Lack of Carnitine causes muscle weakness including heart disease.

Carnitine is easy to get as a powder - but the acidic form has a sour taste which cats loathe. If you cannot pill a cat who won't eat raw try QUINICARN chicken flavoured powder Supplement For Dogs & Cats "Supports Body's Defense Against Physiological and Metabolic Stress" cat dose 250 mg daily

Kremer's Nontoxic AIDS Therapy and Prevention

I am slowly reading a scholarly work on HIV/AIDS by Heinrich Kremer, 'The Silent Revolution of the AIDS- and Cancer-Medicine' A complete summary of the book is available online - it has the lowdown on what kicks a system from th1 to th2 and how to prevent that; makes so much sense, like a universal theory of disease. I cut to the healing section yesterday. it has some reccomendations which may translate well to cats. the key is to avoid oxidative stress and support the glutathione levels in the body; FIP cats have low plasma glutathione. it is why dr addie wants us to add arginine to the diet for FIP as a couple of teaspoons of raw red meat a week - again i'm researching precise dose levels for supplemental powders as Mishka won't eat raw ( so much cheaper and easier if she would just eat the meat raw! Amino acid supplementation is fiddly - stuffing up ratios causes much more harm than good.)

NAcetylCysteine NAC another key antioxidant in the glutathione chain may also be useful both as treatment and preventative.
"N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a chemically modified form of the dietary amino acid cysteine. Cysteine and NAC contain sulphur, which is key to protecting the body from damage by oxidation. Other sulphur containing antioxidants include alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione. Glutathione levels are considered the most reliable indicator of the body's resistance to oxidation, and NAC plays a role in glutathione metabolism. While touted by many supplement manufacturers as a precursor to glutathione, NAC probably has more of a sparing effect. That is, it neutralises oxidants in place of glutathione, allowing glutathione levels to be maintained."

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