Saturday, 19 January 2013

Die with your fur on

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” ― Diana Scharf

mmmm Feliway spray! ( Valerian ) *Still has a bit of discharge L eye - in retrospect this was definitely a symptom she had more issues with virus of some sort as previously her ocular discharge had completely cleared up.
We are celebrating five months. When i started blogging in august it was to help clear my muddled head and for somewhere to park morbid thoughts rather than dumping on the only two people in the world who seemed interested in the situation my son and my friend Tigger. It seemed important from the start to set some Quality of Life (QOL) goals - to get her well enough to go into the garden, to let her die with her beautiful fur on, not motheaten by the attentions of violent treatments like a cancer patient, to feed her nommy things
Unexpectedly i seem to have fallen into writing about treatment and chronicling survivor stories. Mishka may be turning into one herself. I think her frame is starting to fill out again on the ketotifen for one week.
19 jan 2013 comfy, fluffy and full of fish
MAJOR MILESTONE achieved: Mishka's fur has grown back where it was shaved for the chest drain and the IV. The bald patches from infected scratches and runny poop accidents are invisible. Not a trivial goal - her fur is the easiest gauge of how healthy she is over a long period.

19 Jan 2013 It's windy!

My son is no longer ashen with grief. He's always smiling when he holds her now even as we head off to the vets ... a trip that I used to preface with "Now you know we might not be coming back with her." Apparently he stopped listening to that some weeks ago.

off to the vet :)
magic box arrives at vet
One reason to treat was actually that no one knows what is best. One really can't say for certain, though many vets do, that there is no cure because most obviously there are survivors - scars from unsuspected healed FIP have been found at autopsy for unrelated issues; so whether you want to say "it is a spontaneous remission" or acknowledge the ultimate power of the body to heal, it amounts to the same thing. I choose to help Mishka's body to heal itself for as long as she is mostly happy.

Of course there were a lot of holes we fell into and there will be more but it's been pretty great the last three weeks. We seem to be floating on a raft made from all the straws I have clutched at. Now if this Contiki will just make it on the currents to the farther shore please ...

new years day 2013 "u got big green thing in ur nose hahaha!"

new years day 2013 "Dude forget the box - look out the window"

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