Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Years Tomten

"Winters come and summers go, year follows year. but as long as people live at the old farm in the forest, every night the Tomten will trip around between the houses on his small silent feet."

Cassie from New Jersey just updated Tomten's status and the news is great!

"Hi everyone,

I just got back from Tomten's ultrasound. Good news. No GI tumors. His Lymph nodes are still enlarged but have visibly shrunk since last September's scan.

Bad News: Dr. Harrison who has secured the the Virbagen Omega from the UK and helped Dr. Ratti with his treatment plan is leaving Animerge for Chicago. (Good news for all the felines in Chicago!!)I have reached out to Dr. Ratti to see if she can take over ordering his meds. I bought a 24 week supply so hopefully we have some time.

I have also suggested to Dr. Ratti we do the feces PCR to see if he is is still possible for the virus. Though my bank balance might want to defer that for a few weeks as the ultrasound and 24 week supply of his liquid gold was steep!

He had a great weekend. Wrestling with his brother, counter surfing, hunting bugs... Right now he is cuddled up next to his brother Gizmo and the two of them are on the ottoman looking out the window at our lake and watching the geese. Its too cute.

I hope everyone's furry friends have a good day as well.


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