Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tomten might not have FIP

Goodnews/badnews update from Cassie nearly a year after Tomten was diagnosed with dry FIP and put onto interferon highlighting the difficulty with diagnosis:

"Tomten is hanging in there. I gave him the last of my interferon on Thursday night and now I am in a waiting game for the shipment to arrive from UK. I am praying it will be here on Monday. I injected him last week on Thursday, then Sunday then Thursday again. Just like last year after an injection he clearly responds for a few days so I am anxious to get him back on an every other day regimen. By Wednesday of this week he was spending all of his time in his favorite cat bed only getting up to use the litter box. He is eating but was being fed with "room service" several small amounts a day. After we injected him... he woke up at 3:30 am and got into bed with us. Friday am he woke up and followed me down to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. Last night he cuddled downstairs on my lap and even carried his favorite toy around for a few minutes.... its amazing to see his response after the injection so now we just have to pray we get the interferon quick!

On another positive note.. Dr. Ratti connected with Dr. Addie and shared Tomten's history... Dr. Addie doesn't think its FIP but has suggested another lymph node PCR biopsy but this time using a lab in California with a researcher who is has a lot of experience with FIP. Dr. Ratti is beginning to wonder if he could have a foreign body lodged in his intestine which could be causing the granuloma.. Here is to hoping we get the interferon fast and its not FIP."

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