Friday, 28 February 2014

New Year

"The act of rallying forces on behalf of creation and beauty is a declaration of one's existence in the face of a seemingly indifferent ocean of reality." ~ Andres Amador

Finding this beautiful beach art by Andres on facebook felt so right today as the Chinese New Year begins and I mark a year since Mishka died. Time to reflect, clear the house, my thoughts, tidy this blog. This is my first post for a long time - months of battling to import polyprenyl for other cats, months of quietude and healing, and months of rebuilding what had to be neglected to care for Mishka. Her 'big brother' has finished school and left home too - it's been getting very quiet here.  Bad news below - Tomten continues to deteriorate; though it's balanced by more good news from Dusty's mum who wrote to say he continues well, and from Tam's mum to say she also is fine. See their stories on the'survivors' page.
"Tomten Update - I apologize for the radio silence its been a crazy couple of months at work. Wanted to let everyone know that Tomten continues to hang in there. I am almost worried that if I post that good news something else will happen to change that status. He has his good days and his bad days. He can't jump up counters any more but he still likes cuddling and eating table scraps. Though he is really thin! He is on three different meds. Lacix plus another heart med whose name I forget and Pred.For those that don't know me. Tom was diagnosed two years ago with Dry FIP. After a year of feline interferone injections we had flown in from the UK he developed more Granulomas. After surgery to have them removed. (They where about to perforate his bowl.) We discovered no sign of Corona virus and he is believed to be suffering from an unknown auto immune disease. Last November we discovered his heart was the latest to be effected. But he is hanging in there." - Cassie

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