Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ilana's cat survives with wet FIP

 I don't stop in here now except to bring the good news stories - yes in amongst all the heartbreak there are SURVIVORS!!! and as always much love and caring from people like the tireless Oscar Birman who will hold your hand across the internet on the FIP facebook page where we were told about Illana's cat. They live in France where Dr Addie is now ( you can read about her protocols on treatment page ).
Ilana Dagan My cat had the wet FIP and she takes prednisolone every day and interferon (for human, less expensive).I told my vet about the web site of dr diane addie who wrote about FIP and we found there the right treatment for my cat.She had no more fever,no more fluid in the abdomen and she gained back her weight,it was 8 months ago and she is still very fine! ~ 15/10/14 https://www.facebook.com/groups/fipfighters/798509346862004
I've asked Ilana for more details and a photo and she agreed although I still haven't got these - hopefully these will be sent and we can keep tabs on how her cat fared weaning off the drugs.
Please make sure to read my notes on diagnosis, treatment and the actual survivor case histories, where you will find links to notes about Dr Addie's protocols, and do touchbase with the FIP facebook group for support no matter what the outcome.
Wishing much peace and love to you,

Update Jan 2015 Ilana's cat i think is still ok but I've messaged her again for more info.


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    1. Hi Diego, I presume you are asking after Ilana's cat - I haven't heard any bad news from her but i still don't know the details - like if her cat is still on prednisone and interferon (my Mishka did not survive FIP - she died in Feb 2013)


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