Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tomten - PCR negative for FIP

oh dear dredged out of my drafts so it's older than this by months but rest easy Tomten seems to still be fine as far as I know. This was written before Dr. Plotnick gave Cassie his helpful email in .
"The News I have been hoping for is finally here..... Dr. Ratti just called me a few minutes ago. UC Davis Vet Hospital just called her. Acting on Dr. Addie's advice she has sent a PCR of his effected tissue to a researcher there. The verdict is this is not FIP!!!!!! (second time in his six years I have heard that and its just as sweet the second time around. First time it was herpes when he was a kitten).

Since we had tested him last year when he first got sick for Lymphoma they have ruled that out. The current hypothesis is he has some foreign bodies embedded in the intestine that has caused the granulomas and with surgery maybe there is still a chance. Because it will be a complicated surgery (two granulomas) and he is weak she wants him at a full service surgery center with access to ultrasound equipment at the operating table and the 24 hour critical care. She will be researching Redbank and Garden State Hospital. Because Tomten is somewhat stable, not getting worse but not getting better she wants us to wait until after the Holiday week so where ever he goes they will have a full staff.

I am elated by the news but terrified for him. He will die without the surgery and with it at least I know he has a chance. He is truly a fighter. In his six years I have been told he is dying 4 to 5 times and he battles back. I hope he has it in him one more time.

The foreign body theory makes some sense to me as he has a bad habit of eating wrapping paper ribbon, rubber kids toys, and straw etc. As much as we try and keep these out of the house they sometimes slip in unnoticed. 3 months ago my son brought home a party favor bag and we didn't realize it was tied with wrapping paper ribbon. He got it ate , got sick and passed it... but I can't help but wonder if he didn't pass all of it. Ditto there have been numerous other incidents over the years so its possible.

Sorry I am rambling on today... A lot of emotion. We have been in Limbo with FIP for so very long." ~ Cassie
I don't know what to say other than Tomten is one sick cat. His fur has not been so shiny and nice apparently for the past month. One has to wonder if the interferon is contributing significantly by holding the herpes at bay or in some other way. I don't suppose you should just withdraw it after all this time - but the latest news on Tomten was he pulled through again and in  Cassie finally got some diagnostic insights and peace of mind from a very  unexpected source read on - where-do-you-go-when-your-cat has stumped all the vets?

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