Thursday, 29 January 2015

John Robie - farewell to a FIP fighter Aug 10 2014

Here is the maverick John Robbie who stole Lisa Cone's heart. Cat owners will appreciate how much he meant to her. He was unique in every way. His unconventional FIP story gave us all hope but he has finally run out of lives and has gone into the next world now. I tip my hat to Lisa who did the very best for her cat. John Robbie's chronicle is sprinkled around this blog - just use the tag cloud to look him up.
(On a therapy note I still don't really understand why Dr Addie is so adamant about promoting arginine and stopping JR's lysine which he had been taking since birth to treat another virus that damages nerves (lysine blocks arginine uptake which herpes needs to replicate - it keeps the lid on herpes in humans as well. ) It's a food, a simple protein that is more easily damaged by cooking than arginine with which it shares a balance that on a natural raw cat diet would not be upset in favour of arginine.)
from FIP fighters facebook posts:
(4/7/14)He is still holding his own. He is on MASSIVE amounts of drugs including full dosage of Pred and 6ml of PI daily. But he seems (knock on wood) to be stabilizing again. I won't feel good about it until I have a good 6 weeks of stable. Then maybe we will talk about decreasing meds. He is one expensive little cat at the moment. (And he looks quite pudgy in this picture when he is usually so pointy!) We are nearing 2 years 
(Aug 10 2014 )We are saying goodbye to John Robie in about 1/2 hour. He has been an amazing fighter for almost 2 1/2 years. His FIP has moved into his spine and back legs. He is peeing on himself and can't really walk. I don't want to see him get any worse. Good bye my love. You are the best cat ever. 

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