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“Some people don't really know enough to make a pronouncement of doom” ― Norman Cousins, Anatomy Of An Illness

Madiera is a year old kitty who had spontaneous resolution of ascites. She was diagnosed with wet fip end of march 2012 around 12 weeks of age.

It is lovely to read about a genuine recovery that demonstrates the bodies natural healing compared to healing that is often termed 'spontaneous' but where the patient has worked jolly hard at repelling the problem. I am reminded of Remarkable recoveries - a speech by Ian Gawler - he recovered from osteogenic sarcoma and his story kickstarted a holistic cancer cure movement in Australia. i think i read in Ian Gawler's biography "the dragon's blessing" something like spontaneous remission - there was nothing spontaneous about it!
She lives with Nicole Griffin-MacKenzie who sent this picture in to the FIP fighters Facebook group (our correspondance copied with permission)

August 19 2012

This is a pic from now, 5 months later and the fluid is still completely gone. ( she loves showers ) we are very blessed. Just wanted to share because I feel there is hope
NICOLE: She's not on anything just takes pedialyte 3x a day for her stools to stay normal. The first time she was tested by the veterinarian it was with a sample from the fluid in her abdomen, then dr Legendre requested a second test to be done ( due to the fluid disappearing ) and again the tests pointed to FIP , we were going to do the PI and that's why we were speaking to Dr. L but he stated to let it be if she is doing so well
Still doing great ( knock on wood)
October 8 2012

  • NICOLE: We got her in February, at 8 weeks so she will be a year next month. We didn't change her diet at all. We stuck with the same kitten food that she was on. The only thing we changed was giving her pedialyte. When we thought she had weeks to live I we were giving her a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream at night but that changed as soon as we noticed her abdomen going down. She was urinating a lot during this time ... Which I'm sure has nothing to do with it
  • ME: wow what brand vanilla icecream! who knows you may have stumbled onto THE CURE. i'm only half kidding. the urine was the fluid going out. what breed is she? there is 'spontaneous resolution' ie her immune system kicked in on its own; thymus gland is still there i think at 8 weeks, it is not so active in older cats. when did she get sick?
  • ME: i better explain my self about the vanilla icecream - if you read the anatomy of an illness as perceived by the patient by norman cousins and see what he did. i have been searching for the equivalent of funny things for a cat. icecream may be the thing.
  • NICOLE: I think it was hood Boston vanilla bean
    November 28, 2012 at 1:03pm

    Madiera was still well and taking her 3xdaily pedialyte when Nicole sent me copies of the tests in December 2012.
  • open in a new window and use the zoom function of your browser
    otherwise download from here - Madiera's blood tests

and here is Madiera all grown up in Jan 2013 - a sleek young lady

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  1. I have a 7 month old kitty right now. He had bloating but no other symptoms. Vet told us it was more than likely wet FIP, she drained some fluids and its been 4 days and his stomach has been fine. He has been acting like himself. In a week or 2 if there is no change we are going to have more drained out. He has been urinating a lot also. Almost sounds like your story, your story gave me so much more hope


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